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Stray cat weirdness

April 30, 2011

I’m sitting down in AV on my last shift as an intern trying to figure out what to write for my last official s605 post. I just got an annoying phone call where a woman wondered why we didn’t have an alphabetical list of all the movies we own. We’ve had that before and it’s still a ridiculous request. Why don’t we just list all the books we own, while we’re at it. We give them a list of our new movies and books and an easy way to search by title. That should be sufficient.

To make up for that, I was able to successfully locate some Brit mysteries for a patron. Of course, despite the fact that I watch too many of those, when put on the spot I couldn’t come up with any. After a while I thought of some and luckily he was still around. Then I found some good chocolate stashed under the desk and ate it. It didn’t have caramel in it, but it was milk so it was delicious. I don’t get the high that some people get from chocolate. I wouldn’t mind some sort of high right now. Anything that could get rid of this business paper shaped stress tension in my neck would be greatly appreciated.

What I really want to talk about in this last post is the awesome people I’ve met here at MCPL. Ask anyone I know and they’re going to tell you that I’m not the most sociable person in the world. I’m a bit like one of those cats who you can tell did not grow up around humans and tried to figure out this whole ‘being around people’ thing late in life. That being said, just as those strays eventually settle somewhat, I have settled. Somewhat. Which is all just to set the stage for me pointing out how well I’ve settled in here at MCPL. I have been here almost a year now, and plan to stay on in whatever capacity they’ll have me until I finish the IS side of my degree, but still. This is a stray cat we’re talking about here.

The time I’ve spent at MCPL really has been made by the people I’ve gotten the chance to work with. There is not a single one that I dread being on desk with and each have left me with something that will help me be a better librarian down the line. So it seems I’m going to close with a fluff post, but that’s appropriate for a place and people I have such great fondness for. I can only hope that the library I end up at has people half as awesome as those here. Sadly, I have a feeling that between my experiences at FCDL and now here at MCPL, I’m ruined for any other library. I kind of don’t mind.

So what is a final image you can take with you of Mary Intern? Well, I’m still sitting down in AV singing and swaying along to the Okkervil River song that just came on the awesome playlist I made for today. I’m about to go refill the staff picks shelf and then I might take a break to go upstairs and take Nola a natural remedy I brought her for one of her foster cats. That is life at MCPL. It’s a good life.

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