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Robots invade East Arlington Branch Library in Texas

April 26, 2011

Because I was really going to not share an article about libraries and robots. Even though it is way down in Texas. East Arlington Branch Library in Texas is creating a new youth technology centerto “promote science, engineering and robotics learning outside the classroom.” Lego Mindstorms, which are programmable robotics toys, are going to be part of the program. Arlington Public Library wants this program to encourage creativity, imagination, and career pursuits. The center will feature video games, software programs, laptops, and a mobile technology center. The library hope to collaborate with area universities and the private sector to connect kids with professionals in the engineering and robotics fields. The grant funding this center will also fund audiovisual equipment for the existing The Studio: Teen Arts Underground, which is responsible for bridging the digital divide for 1,224 teenagers in the area. The library will also be launching an internship/volunteer program that will train teens to help patrons of all ages to use the library’s equipment.

“Robots coming to Arlington library branch” by Susan Schrock in Arlington Citizen-Journal

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