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They’re coming to read to you read to you Barbara

March 31, 2011

McPherson College’s Miller Library in Kansas is using a zombie-themed graphic novel to encourage information literacy. “Library of the Living Dead” tells the story of some students who take refuge from a zombie attack in a library and, as they’re fighting off zombies, learn a thing of two about the Dewey Decimal system and other library tools. The library did not have enough staff to address the information literacy needs of all their patrons so they came up with the idea of writing a comic book to fill in the blanks. They had considered making a video to promote information literacy, but again, did not have the manpower to support such an endeavor. Assistant librarian Mike Hall had experience as an illustrator so the comic book ended up being a perfect solution. Hall and Matt Upson, the director of library services, collaborated on the story, which features actual students and Miller Library. The end of the comic contains a more traditional explanation of call numbers, the catalog, the library layout, and more. The comic is available for free online and will also be printed and available by the fall semester.

Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy by Michael Kelley in Library Journal

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