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Wal-mart Parking Lot

March 16, 2011

One of the best ways to spend a lunch break here at MCPL is to sit up in the break room and watch the drama unfold in the parking lot. I’ve never counted, but I would guess our lot has about 40 spaces. As you can imagine, it is pretty much always packed.

When we moved the drive-thru window, we changed the direction of traffic in the lot, which has caused some confusion, but is well marked so people should be learning. The thing is, some people see a spot on the exit end of the lot and don’t feel like waiting so they’ll sneak in and steal it. This can cause consternation when someone has just entered the correct way with their heart set on that spot.

Another technique drivers use is waiting. They will sit on a spot, holding up traffic, because they think someone might be walking back to their car. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they’re just walking through the lot. This is particularly annoying when a person is sitting on a spot right at the entrance and blocking people who just want to go through the drive-thru and get on their way.

We get complaints about our lot quite often. People will complain about there not being enough spots, people parking for longer than their allotted 2 hours, and so on. We can’t really do much about either because there’s not exactly room to expand the lot and there’s only so much security can do if someone breaks the rules of the lot. The funny thing is that often people will battle for lot spaces when there are perfectly good street spots right next to the lot. They’ll even battle after 5pm and on weekends when street parking limits aren’t enforced.

Parking is a deadly sport here at MCPL and one that I don’t really understand the logic of.

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